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About Rumors Hotel

About Rumors Resort 


About Rumors Hotel Reception

One thing you can be sure of, at Rumors Hotel you’ll feel like family.

Rumors Resort

We are a small Belizean family-owned and operated hotel. We cater to travelers seeking a tranquil getaway from the buzz of town (San Ignacio) while still keeping its conveniences well within easy access. Situated near all major attractions in the Cayo District, we’re an ideal outpost for the adventure traveler seeking to experience the best of Belize’s cultural, historical and eco-adventure attractions.


Our History

Mr. Hector Montero, proprietor and CEO of Rumors Resort Hotel is a professional building contractor. His projects can be traced along all corners of this country, even off the mainland. His career development led him to study and work abroad in the USA for some time. As a recreational activity there, he would frequent a particular Restaurant and Bar lounge by the name of Rumors in Winter Haven Florida, back in the mid 80′s.

In the summer of 1995, he set off to layout the foundations of what would open its doors to the public in 1998 as Rumors restaurant and bar. The facility was built on the same premises as his residence and the place he grew up in. The name evidently reflecting that of his favorite recreational spot in his earlier days. Rumors Restaurant and Bar was born as a result of a joint venture plan between Mr. Hector and  his youngest brother who would manage the facility while he maintained focus on his construction projects. The partnership thrived for a couple of years until it broke off in 2000. After his departure, Mr. Hector’s younger brother returned to the US, leaving the business in the full care of Mr. Hector and his sons.

About Rumors Hotel's facade

You’ll know you’ve made the right choice once you come over the bend and see Rumors Hotel’s charming facade.

Weighing out his priorities and deciding to follow his true passion, Mr. Hector decided to put the restaurant & bar on the market for sale or lease. Idling on the back burner, the establishment occasionally took on a function as a banquet facility. It hosted all sorts of celebrations from Christenings, proms, wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries to pageants and conventions. These occasional events would sustain the facility financially while it underwent continuous and gradual expansion. The idea was to add value to the venue in order to sell at a higher price some day. Hence, the addition of its first 4 accommodations came through. Rumors consequently commenced operation as a motel, offering accommodations to local walk-ins mainly.

Mr. Hector’s outstanding skills and craftsmanship in the construction field took on full swing and became evident in his ever-developing masterpiece. He gradually laid out each piece of it as envisioned right off his mind and with the help of his sons.

Although several persons showed interest on various separate occasions, none committed fully to meet the requested price. Time passed and the venue continued its expansion while operating at a very minimal costs. It wasn’t until after the summer of 2010 when Mr. Hector’s youngest son, Francisco, returned home after sometime working in the architectural and land planning field in Belmopan, that the business became fully operational.

Francisco opened the business as a fully operational hotel in October 1st of 2011. Under his management, Rumors took on a very gradual but firm bearing forward as we made the best of the resources he had available to enter the tourism industry. Hi background in architecture certainly came in handy as he continually worked to upgrade and redesign the rooms and restaurant facilities. The first year was an automatic success, guests loved the venue and the service offered!

Rumors Hotel has been upgrading its facilities ever since and is currently still undergoing expansion to raise its quality of product and services. The most recent upgrade includes a beautiful Salt water infinity edge swimming pool (completed in November of 2015) which is our highlight and attraction for families and couples alike. Out of demand, Francisco was lead to launch his own tour company, GoMaya Belize Adventures – a sister company of Rumors Resort conducting all inland tours and transfers for the hotel’s guests and offering an all-inclusive experience to travelers visiting the San Ignacio area.

We welcome you to come experience this wonderful place as you join in our family atmosphere. What sets us apart from the rest is our personal attention to each and every guest in making them feel extra special and welcomed. Don’t sacrifice sleep quality for closeness to town and don’t trap yourself in a jungle to get some rest. At Rumors Resort, we offer that perfect notch between both extremes. We look forward to hosting you soon!

Rumors resort swimming pool

Our Sal Water Infinity Edge Swimming pool is our highlight and attraction for families and couples alike.

~Frankie J. Montero~