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Swedish Massage

Aah, it’s spa time. Allow us to help you melt tension away and relax with an array of in-room spa services. Don’t move a muscle: We’ll come straight to your room. No walking. No taxis. No noise. Just pure unwinding time, in the comfort of your room.

Our customized treatment menu incorporates natural and organic oils, lotions and potions, so you can nourish your skin while being lighter on the environment.

A massage technique designed to disperse physical tension from the body in a gently way by loosening tight muscles and reducing stiffness, removing energy blockages within the body and increasing blood and lymph circulation.

Relaxation Swedish massage uses five soft tissue manipulation techniques: effleurage (long, gliding strokes), petrissage(kneading strokes), friction(deep, circular rubbing), tapotement (tapping) and vibration (fine, rapid shaking movements). The aim of the massage is to bring the body into a balanced and relaxed state.