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Barton Creek Cave Canoeing

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 A Barton Creek Cave Canoeing adventure will reveal “Evidence of cave use by the Maya exists on ten ledges within the first kilometre of cave passage. Pottery shards indicate use between the Early Classic (200 to 600 AD) to the Late Classic (600 to 900 AD) periods. The remains of at least 28 humans have been found within the cave“. – Wikipedia

Barton Creek Cave “Xibalba” 


Safety during Barton Creek Cave Canoeing

Gear up for safety before boarding our canoe into Xibalba.

This adventure will amaze you with cathedral-like chambers & wide passages. Sit back & relax while your guide navigates your canoe for a leisurely visit.

Stalagmites & Stalactites abound as you float past impressive calcite crystalline formations. A wealth of Mayan cultural artifacts has been found on the 10 ledges above this subterranean river, but not before having been looted prior to government protection set in place.

Your adventure starts at 9:00 AM  with a 45 minutes drive through Mennonite farmland. Then at the park site you strap on a life jacket and board on your canoe to a gentle glide into Xilbalba – the Mayan Underworld.

Entrance to Barton Creek Cave Canoeing

A Barton Creek Cave Canoeing adventure is as enlightening as it is family-fun-filled and refreshing.


Finally, the adventure takes flight when you enter the lime stone cave & float for about 1 hour into the cave. All the while passing impressive natural crystal formation & various archaeological highlights. This tour is very fun-filled, educational as well as refreshing & family-friendly.

Yet, the more adventurous may opt to be taken further into the cave to explore far off chambers & swimming holes.


Tour Details:

Rate: View Special Guest Rate
Duration: Approx. 5 – 6 Hours
Activity level: Moderate
What to Bring: Sunscreen, solid athletic shoes, bug repellent, bathing suite/ change of clothes (if you wish to swim), camera.
Note: This tour involves canoeing in underground cave systems, which are dark & wet. Beware if you suffer from claustrophobia or other health complications. All equipment is provided by us.

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