Here’s what’s up

The Belizean Surprise is a popular drink at our pool bar on weekends. In this session, we show you how it is made and to make it more interesting, we’ve invited Brady DJ Blue to be our Co-host along with his girlfriend Linz Moore and their adventurous friends.


The prize

This session’s giveaway consists of:
A Free pool pass for two on your next visit to our pool.
a $50 bar tab
a Free sample of our featured drink (The Belizean Surprise) for two.


How to enter to win

To enter to win, simply click on the video below, watch it till the end, and answer the question featured in the video. Your answer to the question must be posted on our comment box at the bottom of this post. You have until the Wednesday, 27th of July to participate.


Choosing the winner

The name of all participants who post their answers will be entered into a raffle. On Wednesday, 27th of July the winner will be selected. A video of the selection process will be posted on our facebook announcing the winner. The winner has 2 weeks to claim their prize before it expires.


Myra and Co-hosts

Brady DJ Blue and his girlfriend Linz Moore were our special invited co-hosts for the Belizean Surprise session

Belizea Surprise drink

The Belizean Surprise is a very popular drink at our pool bar on weekends



Dj Blue pool splash

Brady DJ Blue taking a splash after The Belizean Surprise session


Rumors Swimming Pool

There couldn’t have been a better location to film the Belizean Surprise bartending session that the swimming pool bar at Rumors Resort


Watch the full video here:


Post your answer to the question on the comments box below to be entered into the raffle.

Disclaimer: you may be filmed on the day you come to claim your prize for a short testimonial.