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Breakfast Menu


Prices are in BZ$

Belizean Breakfast                                                                                                  $ 15.00

Refried beans, scramble eggs, served with fried jacks and bacon

American Style Breakfast                                                                                      $18.00

Eggs cooked any style, served with home fries, bacon and toast.

Breakfast Burrito                                                                                                    $14.00

Homemade flour tortilla pasted with refried beans and wrapped

around scrambled eggs, sausage and cheese. Served with fruits.

Rumors Omelette                                                                                                   $16.00

Eggs folded in sautéed veggies and cheese served with fruits and

a slice of toasted homemade bread

Huevos Ranchero                                                                                                   $18.00

Two crispy corn tortilla pasted with refried beans each topped with a

Sunny side up egg, Triple R sauce and parmesan cheese served with a

Side of fruits.

Eggs Benedict                                                                                                          $20.00

Our own Belizean muffin sliced in half, each half topped with a

slice of smoked ham and a poached egg covered with hollandaise sauce.

Served with fruits.


Three pancakes topped with butter and served with syrup.                                  $14.00

Fruit Plate                                                                                                                $13.00

Tropical fresh fruits





**ADD MEAT*** Sausage, Bacon, or Ham………….. $4.00

    SMOOTHIES                                                                                      OTHER BEVERAGES

Orange & Banana$10.00

Pina Colada$10.00

Oatmeal & Papaya –$10.00

Strawberry, Banana & Flaxseed –$10.00

Watermelon & Mint –$10.00                                                             

Orange Juice$5.00

Cranberry Juice$3.00

Coke Light$2.50


Iced Tea$3.00

Lime Juice$5.00


Bottle Water$2.00