Dear Guest,

Thank you for your interest in booking with us. You’ll be glad to know that our Hotel is a certified gold standard hotel within the safe corridor and as such, we’ve implemented extensive measures and had the proper training to ensure that risk to our guests and employees are mitigated. All our tours and sites have been designated within the Tourist Safe Corridor (as seen in chart below).

What to expect During your stay?

Upon picked up at the airport/ hotel, our driver/ guide has the duty to check your temperature with an infrared thermometer and log it. This will be done at the start of each tour/ transfer. Our vehicles will be equipped with added amenities for enhanced sanitation such as hand sanitizers, garbage bins, Tip container, protective barrier between driver and passengers, and in effort to keep the air in the vehicle as fresh as possible, we will have our windows semi-open and the AC on external air intake.

  • Please note that failure to comply with these standards of procedures may result in a BZ$5,000 fine or 2 years jail time. Please cooperate with our staff to make their job a little easier and to ensure a smooth and safer experience for everyone involved.
  • At our hotel, expect your temperatures to be taken every morning as you enter our lobby or before departing on a tour.
  • Cleaning and refreshing of rooms will be done every other day instead of daily to reduce risk to both you and our staff while entering your room.
  • Expect sanitation stations throughout our property and please be sure to use them in compliance with our standards of procedures.
  • At our restaurant and pool area, seating is spaced out at 6 ft. apart. Please wear your masks at all time except at the time of eating/ drinking or swimming.
  • Our staff is trained to thoroughly sanitize all public high-touch areas for your safety with special FDA approved disinfectants at regular intervals.
  • Once evacuated, our rooms and vehicles are thoroughly cleaned from floor to ceiling with appropriate cleaning disinfectants and following industry cleaning/ sanitizing procedures to ensure a safe environment for our next guests.
  • All tours and transfers are conducted by expert and trained guides and drivers.
  • Your kind cooperation is needed as we take your temperature upon pick up at airport or hotel and daily at our hotel’s front desk.
  • You’re required by law to wear a mask at all times (even as you travel from point A to B in our vehicle) except in the following instances:
  • On a high intensity tour where the guide is 6 feet apart. For example – Hiking or rappelling.
  • Snorkeling/ diving
  • Once seated in a restaurant to eat.
  • On the beach or at the pool, once sufficient distance is maintained from other guests.

Booking and cancellation policies

  • Aside from our existing booking/ cancellation policies, please take note of the following:
  • Our booking policies will remain flexible to accommodate payment reimbursements should you become symptomatic prior to your stay or tour and not able to use your stay or take the tour.
  • We are eliminating the need for physical payment and check-ins through the use of our online booking engine which offers a direct and secure payment portal.
  • We advise you to get travel insurance to cover any possible and unexpected expenses which you may incur should you test positive while here.
  • A waiver must be signed, accepting terms and conditions of accommodation and tours (see waiver below).

Thank you for your support and patience as we continue to work towards safely providing our services for you to enjoy our beautiful Belize.

Accommodation & Tour Waiver details

We hereby acknowledge to have read and agree to the following:

  • We are aware that if found to have an abnormally high temperature and/ or are exhibiting symptoms resembling those of Covid-19, we will be put into quarantine until the Ministry of Health arrives to swab us and determine our next step.
  • If a tour is cancelled due to a participant other than ourselves showing symptoms, we agree to be swabbed and quarantined if needed.
  • We are aware and agree that we are liable to cover the costs of quarantine (which can vary depending on where and for how long) in the event that we may test positive.
  • We agree to cooperate with the local authorities during contact tracing efforts if we test positive.
  • We are perfectly aware that there exists the possibility of becoming infected during our travel to Belize and will not hold the tour operator/ guide/ driver/ hotel or staff liable as we’re aware that they have been trained, equipped and are doing everything in their power to mitigate the potential risks.
  • We acknowledge that we have been advised to get travel insurance as an additional measure during our trip to Belize.
  • We will cooperate during temperature checks and logs at airport pick-up time, upon arrival and daily at the hotel before a activities.
  • We will wear a face mask at all times, except during high intensity tours, sitting down for a meal, scuba diving/ snorkeling, or while in a pool or riverside, provided that sufficient distance is maintained from other guests.
  • We are aware that wearing a mask in Belize is mandatory and it is a legal offense to be in public space without a mask, subject to a fine of BZ$5,000 or imprisonment for up to 2 years.
  • We’re aware that upon entry to Belize, we will be issued an identification wrist band which we are required to wear during our time in the country.
  • We will check and update our health app daily as per BTB requirements.
  • We will be honest and quick to inform the hotel or tour operator’s program manager of any signs or symptoms that we may present.

Belize Tourist Safe Corridors Chart

The Belize Health App

The Belize Health App, is no longer required for entry into Belize.

Belize still requires that travellers provide either proof of full COVID-19 immunization received at least 2 weeks prior to arrival, or a negative COVID-19 PCR TEST taken within 96 hours of travel, or a negative rapid test (Rapid Antigen, Sofia, SD Biosensor, and ABBOTT) taken within 48 hours of travel. In addition, international tourists must book at a Gold Standard hotel and present confirmation at immigration.

For up to date information on the destination’s travel protocols and frequently asked questions, please visit:

The Belize Tourism Board thanks our visitors for choosing Belize and we look forward to welcoming you.

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