Thank you for your interest in visiting our swimming pool!

Delighted to host you and your family for a refreshing fun day at our eco-friendly infinity edge swimming pool.

International Tourist are welcomed!

Swimming Pool Info Below

Cover Fee:

$10 general (if you enter the pool). Kids 5 years and under pay $5.

Opening Hours:

Our opening hours are flexible. Although our normal opening hours are from 10:00am to 9:00pm, it normally is extended up until 10:00pm depending on the amount of visitors at the pool.

Pool Rules:

Our pool rules are also flexible, but these are the rules we ask our visitors to abide by:


  • Urinate in pool
  • No extreme public display of affection (let’s keep in mind this is
    a family-friendly place where kids are present).
  • Run or Push
  • Shouting or cursing
  • No outside food/drinks allowed
  • Eat inside pool
  • No Glass/ ceramic containers


  • Shower before entering pool
  • Long hair must be tied
  • Parents, watch your kids
  • Go easy on Hair & skin oils
  • Shower after using toilet
  • Use trash cans
  • Respect other guests’ space

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