La Ruta Maya Belize River Challange

The La Ruta Maya Canoe Race has for sometime now been among the most anticipated events in Belize. With hundreds of spectators along the river banks and up to 60 teams (this year, 2016) on the river, energetic music, great local food, and an overall sense of adrenaline rush as the paddlers dash across the various station prize points, this event has got to be one for you to put on your Must-see list.

A dense misty morning prepared the Macal river bank in San Ignacio for the 60 adrenaline-filled teams who would embark, at the sound of the horns, on a grueling four-days of back breaking paddling down the Macal and Belize rivers through Crocodile infested waters, and scenic valleys alike. These waterways, once the only transportation route from the commercial capital of Belize City to the inland settlement, have seen many steam boats, canoes and logs traverse through them but recent days have brought excitement and activities which shed a sense of revival and awareness to importance of our rivers, one they are much direly in need of.