Rumor’s Responsible Tourism Program

Rumor’s Responsible Tourism Program

Nothing is more satisfying than the feeling of giving back, especially to those most in need.


At Rumors Resort, we are taking our first steps onto the Responsible Tourism platform. We invite you to participate in this positive program and share in our joy. We do this by giving you the opportunity to positively impact your travel destination.


How it works:

At the end of each quarter we allot a percentage of each sister company’s (Rumors Resort & GoMaya Belize Adventures) revenues towards a worthy cause. This is either in the way of food hampers, school supplies, books for libraries, sports equipment, used clothes & footwear, etc. We intend to collaborate with charitable organizations such as Rotary & Rotaract, & foster homes among others in assisting any of our various needy communities.

We are very new to this and are only just commencing this April, 2017. A blog will be created during distribution of donations with videos informing you about your contributions.

We will also continue to find better ways to assist our communities by devising a more specific plan with a direct purpose. For example, we plan to work closely with an organization who manufactures wheel chairs for the disabled. These are then distributed to the hospitals, or geriatric centers where the need for wheel chairs is prevalent. However, supplies are lacking.


Subscribe for updates:

By subscribing to our newsletters, you’ll have the opportunity to share in the joy as we’ll be sending you footage and updates of where and how your contributions were distributed and even a warm thank you from the wonderful families of these underprivileged households.


Pack some joy:

Through our Pack Some Joy program we’re kindly ask you to consider bringing along a small gift in the way of used clothes or footwear, used sports equipment, old books, school supplies, or just about anything that you can give from the heart and that would be of use to families in our needy communities. We will be distributing these where it makes the most valuable impact.